Are You Feeling Pain In Your Heel? Then You May Be Dealing With Heel Spurs.

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Have you been feeling pain in the bottom of your heel for some time now? If so, then you may be dealing with heel spurs. Heel spurs can be extremely painful if not treated correctly.

If you're in pain and don't want it to get worse we want to offer you a FREE consultation to see what solutions can help.

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What Exactly Are Heel Spurs?

  • A heel spur is calcium deposit that causes a bony outgrowth that extends between your heel and arch.
  • Heel spurs can start in the front but can end up affecting other parts of the foot.

What Are The Symptoms Of Heel Spurs?

  • Pain, inflammation, swelling at front of the heel.
  • Symptoms can spread to the arch.
  • Symptomatic areas may feel warm to the touch.
  • Over time you may see a small bony protrusion.

What Causes Heel Spurs?

  • Heel spurs take time to develop.
  • They are caused by long term muscle and ligament strain.
  • Repetitive stresses from walking, running, and jumping can cause heel spurs.
  • They can develop from shoes that don't fit and support your feet.

What Can Be Done To Treat Heel Spurs?

  • First, have it diagnosed to make sure that is what you have.
  • Second, schedule your FREE consultation so we can find you the right solution.
  • Third, Orthotic inserts.
  • Rest.

Looking To Alleviate Your Pain From Heel Spurs?

What if the pain you are feeling could be alleviated?

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