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The Story Of Frank Giannino's Record-Breaking Run Across America

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What Is 46 Days?

46 Days is the story of Frank Giannino's epic record-breaking run across America. Not once, but twice. Earning a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. The book will be released soon. But for a limited time you can get a free chapter of the book to learn more about Frank's incredible story.

In This Free Chapter You Will Discover...

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    How Frank tries to answer the question he will be asked forever, "Why?'

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    What happens when Frank turns to family for his support team ... except for one

  • 3

    Why Frank's late route changes leave the PR man flabbergasted

  • 4

    What crisis occurs on the Golden Gate Bridge just miles from the start

  • 5

    How Frank’s kid brother makes an early impact on his bike

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