46 Days: The Story Of Frank Giannino's Record-Breaking Run Across America

46 Days is the amazing story of Frank Giannino's epic record-breaking run across America where he ran from coast-to-coast in 46 days (averaging 67 miles per day). He did this not once, but twice and earned a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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In The Book 46 Days You Will Discover...

  • Why This Was One Of Most Amazing Records In Sports

    The record has stood for over 35 years. Many have attempted to break it, but it still stands strong today.

  • How Just A Regular Guy Was Able To Pull This Off

    Frank was not an accomplished Ultra Runner. In fact he faced many of the same self-confidence and self esteem issues that we all do.

  • How There Is No Limit To What YOU Can Accomplish

    Regardless of what you want to do in life, you can achieve it and much more.  And Frank’s story proves it.

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I met Frank Giannino for the first time the summer of 1980 at a trade show in NYC.  Frank was preparing for his second run across America.  Frank, Stan Cottrell and I all had lunch together that day.  It was an amazing moment because all three had recently run across America.  I ran across in 1978, Frank ran in 1979, and Stan had just finished his record run. We all shared our stories.  It was amazing how similar our experiences were: the running challenges, and issues with our support teams.  We all share to this day a deep bond that transcends everything else.  The experience of running every day, all day, for weeks on end will be with us forever.  In "46 Days", Frank finally gets the opportunity to share the story of his second run across America through the words of award winning writer, Kevin Gleason.  I hope you find this book as entertaining and informative as I have!

Dave McGillivray
Dave McGillivray Boston Marathon Race Director

After decades stuck in the “breakdown lane,” Frank Giannino is finally telling the amazing story of his record setting run across America in 1980 in his new book, 46 Days. At just 28 years old, Frank showed unmatched grit and perseverance to set a benchmark that still stands, 36 years later. Yet Frank hurts just like anyone else, and in 46 days he shares his vulnerabilities too. My attempt to break Frank’s record fell short, but the encouragement and advice he gave me was invaluable; that’s who Frank is – humble and kind, and a gentleman at every turn.

Marshall Ulrich
Marshall Ulrich Author of "Running On Empty"
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