Triathletes – Can You Help Us?

Hey there,

So a little while back we did a survey to find out how many people who are fans/customers were also triathletes.

The results were pretty interesting.triathlete

After going through the survey we realized that there were a lot of problems that triathletes were having that we could easily solve.

The only issue we had was…

“How do we communicate specifically with triathletes/triathlon participants and get triathlete specific info just to them?”

We didn’t want to send triathlete specific info to someone who just had foot surgery because of a chronic issue they had, or other people who had no interest.

So we came up with a simple solution.

That is…

We just need you to confirm for us that you are a triathlete/ triathlon participant by clicking the yellow button below and entering your email on the next page.

Click Here To Help…

That’s all we need. Now we wont spam you or do anything awful like that. We just want to make sure we end up helping the right people.

So if you haven’t confirmed for us yet that you participate in triathlons or are a triathlete please just click the yellow button above.

Thank you!

Image: Courtesy Of Chris Hunkeler

The Topo MT Shoe Review

The Topo MT shoe is one that has really found and defined a little niche for itself. There has been a lot of good feedback from people about this shoe. So I wanted to put together a really quick review of this shoe and why people like this.

So take a look at this quick shoe review video below.


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Personal Reflections From The Boston Marathon Race Director

The 2014 Boston Marathon was one of the most challenging, unique, and important ones for the sport of running.Dave McGillivray

After the tragic bombing during the 2013 Boston marathon, a lot had to change to make the 2014 event even happen.

What took place during the 2014 marathon was incredible, and I wanted to share with you a little behind the scenes look of what the director (Dave McGillivray) had seen from his eyes.

This is truly inspirational. It his personal reflections of the 2014 Boston Marathon.

Just click the link below to download this…

Dave McGillivray’s 2014 Boston Marathon Reflections

Saucony Ride Review

Hey there,

So I’ve put together another shoe review for you. This time it’s for the Saucony Ride. This is a shoe that has been around for about 15 years and is a great all around shoe.

So take a look at the 2 minute Saucony Shoe Review Below…


Feel free to ask questions or leave comments below…

Also make sure you check out the Brooks Transcend Review.

Brooks Transcend Review

Hey there,

Today I want to do a review on the Brooks Transcend. The transcend is a hybrid that is based off of how shoes have been changing over the past few years or so.

It’s a very good well rounded shoe and has some interesting characteristics about it that most other shoes don’t have.

So take a look at this quick review on the Brooks Transcend…


Feel free to leave a comment here too…

Bobby Bright and Billy Glatz

Bob-BrightBobby Bright was my good friend and right up until his timely death on July 11, 2009, he was a good friend to the Orange Classic 10K.  Bob was there for me at the finish of my lifetime marathon PR in Maryland in 1975 (2:39:34) and Bob was the one during the summer of 1980 who suggested to the Times Herald Record they stage a 10K race and invite Frank Shorter, which came to fruition July 1981.



Bobby Bright and Billy Glatz became business partners in 1978, opening the first running store in the Hudson Valley in New Paltz:  Catch Us If You Can Running Center.  When I approached both of them about the idea of a journey run across America, Bob said no and Billy said yes.  Billy started running with me from LA to NY.  He returned to NP when we arrived in Phoenix.  Billy later on founded the Shawangunk Runners Club.


What Types Of Socks Should You Look For?


I’ve got a quick video for you.  I’ve been talking a lot about socks lately and answering a lot of questions.

So I wanted to put together a video that answers the question I get all the time.  That is…

What Type Of Socks Should I Get?

Here’s a quick video that answers that.

My Favorite Local Multi-Sport Events each year

The Classic 10K

O.C.I.A.A Cross Country Championships

O.C.I.A.A. Track & Field Championships

The Muddy Tire Mountain Bike Race

Best Crossfit Shoe Experience!!

Hi Frank!!

We came in on black Friday looking for cheer shoes for my daughter.  While we were there, we were talking about crossfit and what would be a good shoe. You showed me the Topo shoes that had just come in.

Topo_Atheltic_LogoI haven’t had a chance to stop back in, but wanted to let you know that after two weeks of wearing them at the gym, I am very happy with them.  The zero drop has certainly improved my form!  Just last night, we were doing back squats and one of the spotters noticed how much more stable my feet and toes were with my new shoes.  Topo RXI actually was using good form for the first time in six months!!

Thanks for all of your help.

Have a very Merry Christmas.  We will probably be back in the Spring before the track season begins.

Bonnie Kane

Undercliff/Overcliff Trail

My favorite place to walk, run, bike or climb is the Undercliff/Overcliff Trail at the Mohonk Trust near New Paltz.  Just 37 minutes from the store … plenty of parking.  Carriage trails that in my view have no equal.  The view, the foliage, the smell in the air,  Simply the best place to run on earth

Obstacle Course Races

Spartan Race

Civilian Military Combine

Rebel Race

The Survivor Race

Ultimate Mud Run

Merrill Down and Dirty Mud Run 

Metro Dash

S.E.R.E. Challenge

Go Ruck

Run For Your Lives … Zombie Race

Zombie Race … pull flags off you to take you out

Foam Fest

Rugged Maniac

Super Hero Scramble

Warrior Dash

Tough Mudder

Color Run

Electric Lights Run

Rock Solid Mud Run

Rugged Run For Respect

Great Urban Race

Muck Ruckus

New Classics Challenge for 2014

The Hudson Valley Region of New York is home to three large running events:The Kingston Classic, Kingston, NY; The Classic 10K, Middletown, NY; and the Dutchess County Classic, Poughkeepsie, NY.

Classics Challlenge 2014 outlinedThe Classic Challenge is offered to those who plan to participate in all three events during 2014.   Participants will receive a custom t-shirt and be eligible for door prizes.  Age group awards will also be given based on least cumulative time.

Contact:  Frank Giannino @ 845-551-8270 for more information

We Make Shoes From Scratch

Actually, we offer a great service here at Frank’s Custom Shoe-Fitting.  How would you like to have shoes made from scratch just for your two unique feet and legs?  Whether you want running shoes, walking shoes,hiking boots, dress shoes, riding boots, work boots or custom made shoes for your special medical condition, or just hard-to-fit feet, we do the job.  Come in.  Get to know us.  This service is not as expensive as you might think.  The shoes are ready in three weeks.  As always, we guarantee our work.

Running Clubs Geofencing Middletown New York  Orange Runner’s Club  Sullivan Striders  Rockland Runner’s Club  Shawangunk Runner’s Club  Mid-Hudson Road Runner’s Club  Onteora Runner’s Club  Taconic Road Runner’s Club  Westchester Track Club  Kinderhook Runner’s Club  Albany Running Exchange

Beam Team Workouts

Since 2001, Wayne Beam,one of the organizers of the Orange Classic 10K, has been leading training runs on the Classic 10K course in Middletown, NY.  The eight week Beam Team workouts for the 2014 Classic begin Sunday, April 6.  They will be held each Sunday @ 9 AM at Middletown High School’s sparkling new athletic facilities.

Orange Classic 10K

The 2014 Classic 10K is June 1st.  What inspires me most about the Classic is that the overall experience positively impacts everyone; and it’s huge “give back” to the community.  It is an honor to be part of an incredible team of organizers for the better part of nine years.

Perfect Shoes for Zumba

Vibram Five Finger shoes changed the way designers approach creating shoes – Forever!  Since 2007, when I first began recommending minimal shoes to my customers, many of my shoe companies have created their own version of the minimal or natural design shoe.

MinimusBy far, the New Balance Minimus is doing the best job to satisfy my customers participating in Zumba,  Granted, there are other great models out there, but New Balance is the only company offering widths in my store.

Turkey Trot 5K at the Galleria, Middletown, New York

The Wallkill East Rotary has organized the event.  I am proud to be a member of such a great and giving club. The first ever 5K Turkey Trot at the Galleria will take place at 8 AM on Thanksgiving morning, November 28, 2013.  The run/walk event will finish in front of the movie theater entrance.

Across America there on more running events held on Thanksgiving Day than any other day of the year.  I can’t imagine a better way to “Earn your Bird” than to celebrate together on Thanksgiving morning with a little exercise and community fun.  Whether you participate, volunteer or just come to watch your loved ones, this is a great way to begin one of the most important days of our year.

For more information, visit 

Boston Marathon race director Dave McGillivray and his Run Across America

Dave McGillivray and I first met at the August 1980 shoe show at the Coliseum on Columbus Circle in NYC.  I was there to meet a sponsor for my second Run Across America.  Turns out Dave McGillivray was there representing Pro Specs,  Pro Specs sponsored Dave’s 1978 Run Across America.  Dave and I joined Stan Cottrell, who himself had just finished a Run Across America, for a memorable lunch.  We shared some of the experiences and thoughts from our respective journeys.  That meeting had a lifelong impact.  To this day Dave, Stan and I communicate with one another.  Dave, even now, is my number one “go to” person regarding all facets of running event organization.

Frank’s Custom Shoe-Fitting Products

We offer a wide variety of shoes that range from top of the line athletic wear to Diabetic footwear. Frank’s Shoe Fitting and Sporting Goods Inc. carries the finest in footwear even for hard to find sizes and widths with an emphasis in comfort, proper fit, and style. To ensure the best possible fit and feel we utilize our years of experience and time tested tools to customize each pair of shoes. The products we share are the best in the shoe business and with some attention to detail you will receive the best fit of your life.

Be sure to visit our Products page on for a full list of items we offer.

Speaking to Rockland Road Runners Club

Rockland Runners Club

I am very excited to return to my roots – Rockland County and speak to premier running club in the county:  the Rockland Road Runners.  I will be speaking about my two Trans America Runs, overcoming common challenges unique to runners, and giving some shoe fitting tips.  I am looking forward to meeting up with some old friends, as well.  Hope to see you there.